It’s Really Complicated

BananaEmoji September2018 07 LaGuertajpg

 “Why didn’t you just punch him back?”

BananaEmoji September2018 02 LaGuertajpgBananaEmoji September2018 06 LaGuertajpgBananaEmoji September2018 05 LaGuertajpgBananaEmoji September2018 01 LaGuertajpgBananaEmoji September2018 10 LaGuertajpg

Creative Direction by Tanlume

Photography & Art Direction by Giancarlo Calameo Laguerta

Model: Drake Selwe & Colo Tau

8 thoughts on “It’s Really Complicated

      1. The universe is not a soup of potatoes. It’s a soup with a variety of vegetables…it’s not a smoothy of bananas but one with different fruits and veggies….


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