From “Its Only Been A Year of This Shit”

Banana Emoji is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that works with artists and organisations, using unique insights into niche subcultures to curate multimedia Art and Experiences. We centre the voices of artists in public discourse, expanding what participation in a democracy looks like; reshaping conversations about politics and provoking a change in consciousness.

As an artist-led organisation that sits at the intersection of art, culture and audiences, Banana Emoji consistently seeks to unearth what happens when art interacts with society and promotes the discussion of  bigger questions in art and community.


  1. Hi! So, I’ve just moved to Gaborone and after scouring the Internet for information I found your blog. I’m from the states and I have a ton of questions about what ‘hip’ events/places I should check out here. Is there any way I could contact you?

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