From “Its Only Been A Year of This Year”

BANANA EMOJI is an ARTivism blog that illustrates today’s evolving culture through art, social commentary, fashion and humor. Since its inception, work created for the site has been featured in a number of publications including but not limited to We Transfer,  AfroPunk, Bubblegum Club, Mail & Guardian and Between 10and5. We have delved into social issues such as Ageism, Economic Disparity and LGBTQI + matters.

Our readers are anything but the normal. They’re bold, free- spirited life lovers who recognize that perfection is boring.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BANANA

  1. Hi! So, I’ve just moved to Gaborone and after scouring the Internet for information I found your blog. I’m from the states and I have a ton of questions about what ‘hip’ events/places I should check out here. Is there any way I could contact you?

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