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If I were to describe myself Id probably start with my name, Tanlume. I’ve never announced my name to anyone without being asked to repeat it at least twice. In primary school I got teased a lot, just as most of us have. The most common taunt was: “hey, what’s up Ta-o-ntome”, a ‘smart’ play on my name, which loosely translated is “come bite me”. When translated to English, my name is actually  “Mr Man”, which is funny if you know me cause I’m the least manly man ever. But I suppose I am a man of many contradictions. For one, I am brutally honest and sometimes considered mean but have an extremely sweet spot for my friends and family. I hate all things mainstream but am obsessed with Beyonce. Detest the media yet I’m currently studying journalism and media. And the list goes on….

Between the little time i have off the books, I love listening to music, taking in contemporary art and design, documenting memories and watching every independent film known to man.

If you’re reading this then you’re either super bored or have exceptionally great taste, that you naturally gravitate towards the coolest material online. Welcome to the world of a third world hipster 🙂

10 thoughts on “YO!

  1. You are funny. And for the record, I am not “exceptionally bored” – just “exceptionally curious.” Look forward to seeing what interesting things you post about!


  2. Wow, awesome… love the name third world hipster:)
    On a different note, this is cool, totally took me by surprise….im off to read some more! Keep them coming!


  3. Curiosity killed a cat,this cat called me,whats more.i am not bored but intrigued ,keep them coming and i can’t wait for more of your interesting articles.proud of you.


  4. I would love to write and say what a great job you did on this “Mr Man”, as you have put a lot of work into it.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to leave a comment…”its mind blowing”


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