I CHERISH THE IDEA OF BEING IN LOVE. I LOVE the thought of knowing that even when I think the lowest of myself, there is someone somewhere in the world who not only has an adverse opinion of me, but amiably loves me with all of my bullshit & complexities. I love the idea that someone who I find wonderful finds me virtuous to be loved by them-it is the ultimate compliment.

You’re unconditionally loved the moment you venture your first breath into the world and every now and then some are favored enough to find that perfect unearned, limitless love again.

If you are in love right now, enjoy it, and take it with you everywhere you go, put it in your pockets, in your wallet, shove that love in your hair, in your glass of water, in your bag, shove it in your lunch box, in your tooth paste, take it with you on the bus, take it to the gym, rub it on your favorite skirt, spray it on your fave shirt. And don’t be shy to love your partner manically, kiss his hands and forehead, and rub her back, and take as many baths with him as you possibly can. And when you make love to her, let it be love, with a “you mean sooo much to me” magic in your every touch. And always remember that you are one of the lucky ones, because there are some of us bae-less folks who envy you, who wish there was someone in our hot ass rooms anxiously waiting for us.



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