Just when I was beginning to give up on this culture they call hip hop, because of the rubbish that defines it today, then steps in Young Fathers. Young Fathers are so dope, so refreshing, so skilled, so aware, so passionate, that if you close your eyes and listen to them, you get swallowed into a musical tornado sucking in hip hop, electronica, pop, soul, R&B and more, flinging out sprays of familiar sonic colour drawn from Europe, America and Africa. Its beauty and its struggle. Their debut LP Dead was phenomenal, no surprise that they won  the coveted Mecury Prize. The Edinburgh trio (The group is made up of three guys: ‘G’ Hastings from Drylaw, Edinburgh, Alloysious Massaquoi—originally from Liberia and Kayus Bankole, born in Edinburgh to Nigerian parents) then spent their cash prize on making their follow up  ‘White Men Are Black Men Too‘.

The album is a small piece of musical mastery that very few musicians have been able to capture with their sophomore offerings. The boys have crafted individual tracks that demonstrate their maturity since the release of Dead. Embracing the experimental side of hip-hop and pushing its sound into weirder, jazzier elements and some good old fashioned talent contribute to the best hip hop album of the year.

“I’m tired of playing the good black/ I’m tired of having to hold back/ I’m tired of wearing this hallmark for some evils that happened way back.” Then, the speaker flips his loyalty—”I’m tired of blaming the white men/ His indiscretion don’t betray him” / Young Fathers- Old Rock N Roll

This is the first single off White Men are Black Men too, “Shame”

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