Film: Under The Skin


I FINALLY saw Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin” last night and I really really really enjoyed it.

The less you know about it the better but I’ll tell you something anyway. It starts out strangely and ominously, it ends strangely and ominously and in between it’s REALLY strange and ominous but it is never remotely boring. I loved every moment of it. I am still thinking about it. I’ll say no more except, did you know that lots of the people in the film aren’t actually actors? Scarlett Johansson just drove around in a van and stopped “normal” people on the street asking them if they’d like to come with her in the car (in disguise of-course). So there’s an authenticity to what’s been said to the exchanges even though we’re watching a movie, even though the premise of the film is very bizarre and then I guess the director and his crew were in the back of the van and are like “btw you’ve just performed in a film, would it be OK if we kept you for the final cut”. It’s incredibly effective! Also Can we spare a moment in our day to appreciate Scarlett Johansson, she truly  is a wonder.

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